Alcoholics Anonymous

Group #1

of Kansas City

Call us now: (816) 523-1583


Day                Time              Topic                                  Open/Closed         

Monday          9:00 AM       Discussion                          Closed                      

Monday         12:00 PM      24 - Hour Book                   Closed                   

Monday         6:00 PM       12 & 12 / Traditions             Closed                   

Monday         6:00 PM       Alanon                                  Open--Upstairs    

Tuesday         12:00 PM    Discussion Meeting             Closed                  

Tuesday         6:00 PM       Beginner's Meeting             Closed                

Wednesday    9:00 AM      Discussion                            Closed                   

Wednesday   12:00 PM     Big Book Meeting               Closed                   

Wednesday   6:00 PM       Big Book Meeting               Closed                 

Thursday       12:00 PM     Discussion Meeting             Closed                 

Thursday        6:00 PM      Beginners Meeting              Closed                   

Friday             9:00 AM      Discussion                             Open                    

Friday            12:00 PM     As Bill Sees It                        Closed                   

Friday            7:00 PM       Sobriety Anniversary            Open                    

Friday            7:00 PM       Literature/Topic                   Open                      

                                           (1st/3rd Friday Monthly)

Saturday        9:00 AM      Literature/Topic                     Closed               

Saturday        11:00 AM    Discussion Meeting               Closed                 

Saturday        1:30 PM      Discussion Meeting               Closed             

Saturday         6:00 PM     Mixed Alanon/AA                  Open              

Sunday           9:00 AM     Discussion Meeting               Closed          

Sunday           6:00 PM     Discussion Meeting                Closed          

*All Group #1 Meetings are NON-SMOKING



  Are you looking for a sober venue to watch the Chiefs in the Superbowl?

   Join us on Sunday, February 2nd for:

            SUPERBOWL LIV

 Bring food or just bring yourself. 

Game starts at 5:30 P.M.

 The 6:00 P.M. meeting will be held upstairs!!


Group #1

311 W 80th Ter

Kansas City | MO


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